During 2011 we were travelling around the world when we stopped in Japan discovering the Gomu Gomu
The Gomu Gomu is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that taste unimaginably horrible. It is violet, spherical, with a stem sprouting out of the top and swirls that go in a curly S pattern. Because encounters with them are rare is difficult to tell whether some things are fact or fiction. But we found it; only one bite was needed to gain super human power and strange and interesting abilities…
we do funny and awesome staff to develop and grow business


Entrepreneur and technologic geek always looking for business opportunities everywhere at any time. I have a degree in Computer Science, an International MBA and a Project Manager certificate by the University of California. I have designed, developed and maintained hundreds of websites and applications for leading companies. I work with the most updated programming languages, libraries and databases to develop innovative and powerful tools to give the best solutions to the client’s needs. I love to surf the Internet, meet people from different cultures, read blogs, eat popcorn at the cinema, play football and dream about Japan.


Entrepreneur and marketing passionate. I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, an International MBA and I’m currently studying a Phd in Marketing. I have worked as an actor, journalist, product manager, marketing manager, university lecturer for international business, publisher of a luxury lifestyle magazine and managing director of my own publishing company specialized in the teen market. I have lived in Madrid, London, Shanghai and California. I love organizing stuff, travelling, the big cities, good brands and neon lights. I really enjoy going out, the street entertainment, the colorful things and trying everything new.

Some of our projects:
Superdry Store in Valencia
Osaka Studio

Estudio de diseño especializado en transformar las ideas de nuestros clientes en webs y aplicaciones modernas, ágiles y efectivas